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Experience for Every Project

Construction Services

Northcentral Construction can manage or assist with your projects on as-needed basis. Our services in construction include:

  • Northcentral Construction can manage or assist with your projects on as-needed basis. Our services in construction include:
    • General Contracting: We partner with the client  and provide a turn key project. We are responsible for all contracting and construction services necessary for the construction of the project.
    • Design Build Service: We serve as a single source for both design and construction.
    • Construction Management: We manage all phases of construction and advocate for the owner.
    • Project Supervision: We provide field supervision to coordinate on-site construction activities and offer construction management skills in problem solving, planning, estimating, safety supervision, scheduling, controlling costs and resources, and personnel.

Conceptual Budgeting
and Planning

By partnering early with our clients, we’re able to help determine the feasibility of each project. We can offer advice on the design, scope and size of the project, then turn customer ideals into a conceptual budget that allows our clients to ensure the numbers work.

Northcentral Construction has a long history of accurately matching preliminary budgets to final construction costs. We look forward to bringing our 256 years of construction experience to your team.

Pre Construction

Northcentral Construction uses pre-construction planning to benefit the construction process:

  • Cost Estimating: Budgets and schedules are continually updated to reflect changes.
  • Value Engineering: Value of construction is maximized by improving function and reducing costs where possible.
  • Bid Solicitation: Bid packages are cleared to ensure subcontractors are well-prepared for the work.
  • Constructability Reviews: Performed to prevent cost overruns and delays.
  • Long-Lead Time Procurement: Obtaining materials as early as possible prevents last-minute material searches and work stoppage.
  • Project Scheduling/Phasing: Carefully considered site logistics are combined with means and methods planning to minimize disruptions while maximizing productivity.

During Construction

Northcentral Construction provides a smooth, safe construction experience with multiple review points:

  • Experienced Site Managers: We provide full-time experienced Site Managers who interact daily with onsite tradespeople to resolve issues and monitor job flow.
  • Safety First: We require all trades to comply with all safety regulations and place the highest value on a clean and safe worksite.
  • Review and Approval: Our management team reviews progress weekly to ensure your project reaches successful completion. We also meet with architects and designers to make certain all finishes meet owner developer requirements and complete a sample unit so the architect and owner/developer can verify that the unites meet their approval.

Post Construction

Northcentral Construction ensures your project is ready for use and every system is fully explained and documented:

  • Punches Completed: We complete pre-punch before architect or owner/developers set foot in the project and all punch items are 100% complete before we leave a job.
  • Manuals Provided: We provide an O&M manual with all pertinent data, trades that worked on site and warranty information to the operations personnel, and electronic manual, blueprints and as-built drawings to the operations personnel and the owner/developer.
  • Orientation Presented: We hold an orientation for management and maintenance where all trades are represented and all systems are located and covered.
  • Challenges Resolved: We are available during the warranty period to offer quick resolutions to any challenges.

Tax Credit

Northcentral Construction has a great deal of experience in Tax Credit projects of all types. We have completed more than 138 projects, 480 buildings and 6,345 units  and have the knowledge necessary to fulfill the requirements these projects demand. We also maintain an outstanding relationship with the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority (WHEDA).

Adaptive Reuse

Northcentral Construction has proven experience in adaptive reuse having done 2,831 units to date. This work has presented many unique challenges including:

  • Reconfiguring classrooms into apartments.
  • Converting a gymnasium into a parking garage with apartments  above.
  • Creating a driveway under and through a building to access the new basement garage.
  • Creating a 17′ x 100′  multi story light shaft in the middle of a  100 year old building.
  • Closing off the tunnel which channeled the river under a building to create power in the past.

We are well prepared and ready to take on every challenge your project can present us.


We have been responsible for over 54 rehabilitation and remodel projects, many of which involved performing the remodel work during the day and allowing the tenants back into their unit every night. Our complete remodels and rehab work can include:

  • Floors
  • Painting
  • Complete kitchens
  • Complete bathrooms
  • Windows replacement

We have also dealt with very tight sites in downtown area requiring coordination due to space limitations and the need to keep both sidewalks and streets open.

Historic Rehabilitation

Northcentral has successfully completed many historic rehabilitation projects over the years.  In the Past five years alone we have complete 274 Historic units.

We have developed historic schools into senior living facilities while maintaining historic elements of the building and the look of a school.  We have turned wool mills, shoe factories and mercantile’s into apartments.

We have a great track record of assisting our partners as the work through the process at every step, and have a good relationship with state and federal historic offices.   We are here to join your team on your next project.